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Welcome to the future of age monitoring.


The AgeMeter utilizes industry-leading research to measure estimated functional age.


The AgeMeter measures various functional biomarkers of aging, including memory, reactions, hearing, agility, decision speed, tactile sense, and lung function. Additional biomarkers are continually being explored for future upgrades. By comparing scores to norms by age and sex, the AgeMeter estimates a person’s functional age, which may differ from chronological age. Health care practices that focus on aging and aging researchers can use the AgeMeter to confirm whether interventions actually cause a person to have the functional ability of a younger age.

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For PGP, supercentenarian, aging reversal studies, and everyday wellness, we need cost-effective, standardized, quantitative insight into a diverse set of physiological measures. The AgeMeter can help us get there.
— Dr. George Church, Harvard University
“The AgeMeter Biomarker Scan …will be an essential part of all physicians’ practice of anti-aging and regenerative medicine.”
— -Dr. Ronald Klatz, Founder of the Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Movement
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All-in-One Package

AgeMeter is a self-contained software built on Apple's leading iOS ecosystem. The package includes the Apple iPad pre-loaded with the encrypted AgeMeter application, along with all supporting hardware used in precise measurements and calculations. 

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Seamless Design

AgeMeter employs a simple, easy-to-use design that can guide patients through the tests without the need of oversight. Simply add your patient's details, then start the test. From there, the video guides and text prompts will allow them to navigate through all biomarker tests with ease. 

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Detailed Results

Each biomarker test measures a specific set of metrics key to estimating functional age. These metrics can be viewed individually for personalized assessments so that you have all the information you need in just a tap. These responses are then encrypted an stored on a centralized cloud-based database for use be doctors and researchers alike.


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The Biomarkers

AgeMeter measures the following biomarkers all in one testing session.

  • Auditory Reaction Time

  • Highest Audible Pitch

  • Lung Function: Forced Vital Capacity

  • Lung Function: Forced Expiratory Volume

  • Memory

  • Muscle Coordination

  • Pulse Oxygen

  • Muscle Movement Time

  • Vibrotactile Sensitivity

  • Decision Reaction Time

  • Decision Movement Time

  • Movement Speed


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