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How It Works

The Agemeter® calculates functional age by testing physiological biomarkers that decline with age.


What Is The AgeMeter®?

The Agemeter® calculates functional age by testing physiological biomarkers that decline with age.

  • Auditory Reaction Time: How quickly can you respond to a sound?

  • Highest Audible Pitch: What is the highest tone you can hear?

  • Decision Reaction Time: How quickly can you make a decision?

  • Decision Movement Time: How quickly can you physically act on a decision?

  • Lung Function: Forced Vital Capacity (FVC): How much air can you lungs expel and how quickly?

  • Lung Function: Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV-1): How much air can your lungs expel in one second?

  • Short Term Memory: How many randomly generated numbers can you remember as the sequence grows longer?

  • Muscle Speed & Coordination: At the same time, how fast and how accurately can your muscles move?

  • Vibrotactile Sensitivity: What is the lowest vibration that you can feel with your sense of touch

  • Visual Reaction Time: How quickly can you react to a visual stimulus?

  • Visual Movement Time: How fast you muscles move when you react to a visual stimulus?

  • Blood Oxygen Saturation: What is the level of oxygen in your blood as determined by a pulse oximeter?

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The Agemeter® Tests Require No Supervision

  • The AgeMeter® is easy to use and non-invasive.

  • A mounted Apple Ipad is used + Bluetooth devices.

  • Audio guidance explains each test.

  • Each test is demonstrated in a video.

  • The Agemeter® prompts prevent user errors.


The AgeMeter® Continually Updates Worldwide

  • Apple App Platform enables automatic Agemeter® software updates with no user effort.

  • New Biomarker Tests using existing hardware can be automatically added to every Agemeter®.

  • Future Consumer App version will refer users to nearby AgeMeter® doctors and studies that use Agemeter®.

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Why Is The AgeMeter® Needed?

  • Biological Age Tests must be validated by the Age at which a person can actually function.

  • Health Professionals and Researchers must validate that Aging Reversal Interventions cause a person to function at a younger age.

  • The Agemeter® can be a foundational instrument for ongoing age research.

How Can The Agemeter® Help You?

For Researchers, the AgeMeter® Database Is a Perpetual Global Aging Study:

  1. The AgeMeter® cloud database grows exponentially.

  2. Thus, its value and results’ precision continually increase.

  3. Previous results’ precision is automatically updated.

  4. Agemeter database approach can be customized for other studies.

  5. The AgeMeter® Can Be An Ongoing Research Platform

For Healthcare Practices, the Agemeter® adds significant revenue and validation of therapies:

  1. Clients or patients typically pay $250 per testing session.

  2. We provide guidance and training materials to enable your staff to encourage clients or patients to purchase the tests.

  3. We provide your practice with information on therapies used in the healthcare field to attempt improvement in future test results.