The Complete AgeMeter Kit (A4M SALE)

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The Complete AgeMeter Kit (A4M SALE)

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American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress SALE

From December 10th - December 17th, save over 30% on the AgeMeter.

The AgeMeter is delivered in a comprehensive package which includes everything needed to begin administering the biomarker test.

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The AgeMeter measures functional biomarkers of aging, including memory, reactions, hearing, vision, agility, decision speed, movement speed, tactile sense, and lung function. Additional biomarkers are continually being explored for future upgrades. By comparing scores to norms by age and sex, the AgeMeter estimates a person’s functional age, which may differ from chronological age.


AgeMeter Kit Includes:

  • Apple iPad pre-loaded with all necessary software

  • High-fidelity headphones

  • Haptic vibrometer

  • Spirometer with disposable spirometry flow sensors

  • Pulse oximeter

  • All necessary power adapters and connectors

  • iPad stand

*Ships within 30 days of purchase to most countries. Certain countries may be unavailable.